Red Cliff


Part 1 (Asian release)

In the summer of 208, during the Han Dynasty, the imperial army led by chancellor Cao Cao embarks on a campaign to eliminate the southern warlords Sun Quan and Liu Bei in the name of eradicating rebels, with the reluctant approval of Emperor Xian. Cao’s mighty army swiftly conquers the southern Jing Province and the Battle of Changban is ignited when Cao’s cavalry starts attacking civilians on an exodus led by Liu Bei. During the battle, Liu’s followers, including his sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, give an excellent display of their combat skills by holding off the enemy while buying time for the civilians to retreat. The warrior Zhao Yun fights bravely to rescue Liu’s entrapped family but only succeeds in rescuing Liu’s infant son.

Following the battle, Liu’s chief advisor Zhuge Liang sets forth on a diplomatic mission to Eastern Wu to form an alliance between Liu and Sun Quan to deal with Cao Cao’s invasion. Sun was initially in the midst of a dilemma of whether to surrender or resist, but his decision to resist Cao hardens after Zhuge’s clever persuasion and a subsequent tiger hunt with his Grand Viceroy Zhou Yu and his sister Sun Shangxiang. Meanwhile, naval commanders Cai Mao and Zhang Yun from Jing Province pledge allegiance to Cao Cao and are received warmly by Cao, who places them in command of his navy.

After the hasty formation of the alliance, the forces of Liu and Sun call for a meeting to formulate a plan to counter Cao’s army, which is rapidly advancing towards Red Cliff from both land and water. The battle begins with Sun Shangxiang leading a light cavalry unit to lure Cao’s vanguard army into the allies’ Eight Trigrams Formation. Cao’s vanguard army is defeated by the allies but Cao shows no disappointment and proceeds to lead his main army to the riverbank directly opposite the allies’ main camp, where they make camp. While the allies throw a banquet to celebrate their victory, Zhuge Liang thinks of a plan to send Sun Shangxiang to infiltrate Cao’s camp on an espionage mission. The duo maintain contact by sending messages via a pigeon. The film ends with Zhou Yu lighting his miniaturised battleships on a map based on the battle formation, signifying his plans for defeating Cao’s navy.

Part 2 (Asian release)

Sun Shangxiang has infiltrated Cao Cao’s camp and is secretly noting details and sending them via a pigeon to Zhuge Liang. Meanwhile, Cao’s army is seized with a plague of typhoid fever that kills a number of his troops. Cao orders the corpses to be sent on floating rafts to the allies’ camp, hoping to pass the plague on to his enemies. The allied army’s morale is affected when some unsuspecting soldiers let the plague in, and eventually a disheartened Liu Bei leaves with his forces while Zhuge stays behind to assist the Eastern Wu forces. Cao is overjoyed when he hears that the alliance had collapsed. At the same time, Cai Mao and Zhang Yun propose a new tactic of interlocking the battleships together with iron beams to minimize rocking when sailing on the river and reduce the chances of the troops falling seasick.

Subsequently, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang make plans on how to eliminate Cai and Zhang, and produce 100,000 arrows respectively. They agreed that whoever fails to complete his mission will be punished by execution under military law. Zhuge’s ingenious strategy of letting the enemy shoot 20 boats covered in straw brings in over 100,000 arrows from the enemy and makes Cao doubt the loyalty of Cai and Zhang. On the other hand, Cao sends Jiang Gan to persuade Zhou to surrender, but Zhou tricks Jiang instead, into believing that Cai and Zhang are planning to assassinate Cao. Both Zhuge and Zhou’s respective plans complement each other when Cao is convinced, despite earlier having doubts about Jiang’s report, that Cai and Zhang were indeed planning to assassinate him by deliberately “donating” arrows to the enemy. Cai and Zhang are executed and Cao realises his folly afterwards but it is too late.

In the Eastern Wu camp, Sun Shangxiang returns from Cao’s camp with a map of the enemy formation. Zhou and Zhuge decide to attack Cao’s navy with fire anticipating that a special climatic condition will soon cause the wind to shift and that the resulting southeast wind will blow to their advantage. Before the battle, the Eastern Wu forces have a final moment together, feasting on glutinous rice balls to celebrate the Winter Festival. Meanwhile, Zhou’s wife, Xiao Qiao, heads towards Cao’s camp alone secretly, hoping to persuade Cao to give up his ambitious plans, but fails and decides to distract him instead to buy time for her side.

The battle begins when the southeast wind starts blowing in the middle of the night and the Eastern Wu forces launch their attack on Cao’s navy. On the other hand, Liu Bei’s forces, which had apparently left the alliance, start attacking Cao’s forts on land. By dawn, Cao’s entire navy has been destroyed. The allies launch another offensive on Cao’s ground army, stationed in his forts, and succeed in breaking through using testudo formation despite suffering heavy casualties. Although Cao is besieged in his main camp, he manages to hold Zhou hostage after catching him off guard together with Cao Hong. Xiahou Jun also appears, holding Xiao Qiao hostage and causing the allies to hesitate. Just then, Zhao Yun manages to reverse the situation by rescuing Xiao Qiao with a surprise attack and put Cao at the mercy of the allies instead. Eventually, the allies decide to spare Cao’s life and tell him never to return before leaving for home. In the final scene, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang are seen having a conversation before Zhuge walks away into the far distance with the newborn foal Mengmeng.

Hello hai..

ketemu lagi dengan saya,,

well sekarang aku  bahas film , but aku lagi pengen film perang mungkin this movie bisa jadi referensi kalian.Maaf jika saya menggunakan bahasa inggris yah….

This is The Trailer..XD

Selamat Menikmati……sampai jumpa…


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